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Purchase Card Training

The USDA policy training includes Micro-purchase Policy, Ethics, Green Purchasing, Section 508, and AbilityOne Program Training. The following are the links for the USDA Micro-purchase policy training, available via US Bank Access® Online, and the other required training courses :

Please see DR 5013-6: Use of the Purchase Card and Related Alternative Payment Methods (November 2012) for further information on the program and training policy as cited in the following sections:

  • DR 5013-6, Section 7a, Definitions, AbilityOne Program (formerly Javits-Wagner-O'Day Act Program)
  • DR 5013-6, Section 18, Training Requirements

Training Resources

Training Resource NameLast UpdateType

Cardholder Responsibilities and Processes

Training Requirements
Access Online Web-Based Training Guide10/01/2013  [PDF]
How to Complete the Purchase Card Request Forms 03/17/2017  [PDF]
How to Complete the Reporting Hierarchy Setup Form and the Point of Contact Maintenance Form 04/24/2017  [PDF]
Suspension Process
Purchase Card Suspension Process 10/18/2016  [PDF]
Convenience Checks
Waivers for Electronic Payments 12/17/2013  [PDF]
Alternative Payment Methods to Convenience Checks02/25/2014  [PDF]
BPAs for Supplies
FSSI Second Generation Blanket Purchase Agreements for Office Supplies07/31/2013  [PDF]

Access Online Processes

Access Online Reporting
Access Online Reporting for the Purchase Card Program 09/12/2013  [PDF]
Disputed and Fraudulent Transactions
Disputed and Fraudulent Transactions in Access Online04/01/2014  [PDF]
U.S. Bank Fraud Overview02/10/2014  [PDF]
Comments Tab of a Transaction
How to Complete the Comments Tab in Access Online 12/17/2013  [PDF]

Refresher Training

FY17 Q9 Suspension Lift Schedule
FY17 Refresher Training Suspension Lift Schedule09/30/2016  [PDF]
FY17 USDA Purchase Card Program Refresher Training
Coordinators 11/23/2016   [Aglearn ]   [PDF]
AOs 11/23/2016   [Aglearn ]   [PDF]
Cardholders 11/23/2016   [Aglearn ]   [PDF]
Requirements and Tracking for the Purchase Card Annual Refresher Training
FY17 Requirements & Training 11/28/2016   [PDF]
March 31 Milestone Update 03/01/2017   [PDF]
May 12 Milestone Update 04/26/2017   [PDF]
June 1 Milestone Update 06/01/2017   [PDF]

Entering and Final Approving Purchase Card Account Requests in AXOL Training

How to Complete the Purchase Card Request Forms06/01/2017 [AgLearn]  [PDF]
Entering Purchase Card Account Requests in Access Online06/01/2017  [AgLearn]  [PDF]
Final Approving Purchase Card Account Requests in Access Online06/01/2017  [AgLearn]  [PDF]