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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions arranged by topic.

Contracting and Purchasing

Q. Where can I find a list of the USDA and USDA agency senior contracting managers?

Q. Are there regional procurement offices for USDA? I am looking for contacts in a particular City and State.

Contracts Awarded by USDA

Q. Where can I get a list of the current contracts issued by USDA?


Q. I would like to receive information on how to receive a grant.

Procurement Forecasts

Q. Are there USDA procurement forecasts available? Are they available for more than one year?

Purchase Card Management System (PCMS)

Q. I am a USDA purchase cardholder and would like more information on how to use the USDA Purchase Card Management System (PCMS).

Selling to USDA

Q. I am a small business seeking to get a contract from the Federal Government and would like to know what procedures I should follow and what programs are available to small businesses.

Q. I would like to get on USDA's central bid/vendor list How do I do that?

Q. How do I register to do business with the Federal Government?

Q. We are an information technology (IT) vendor and would like to market our products. Who is the primary IT contact in USDA for procurement of IT products.

Unsolicited Proposals

Q. Is there guidance on how to submit unsolicited proposals to USDA?

Last Modified: 09/16/2005
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