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Procurement Advisories

Procurement Advisories are time-sensitive documents. The table below contains a listing of advisories and their respective expiration dates.

Once an advisory does expire, it is moved to the Expired Procurement Advisory table and given a status of expired, canceled, or superseded.

Effective on October 1, 2000, the hard copy distribution of Procurement Advisories was discontinued (USDA Procurement Policy Division Memorandum of September 29, 2000).

Procurement Advisories
Number & Title Date Issued Expiration Date

Procurement Advisories are issued by the Procurement Policy Division (PPD) of the Office of Contracting and Procurement (OCP), Departmental Administration (DA). All references to the Office of Property and Procurement Management (OPPM) shall be superseded by the current OCP nomenclature. All references to Departmental Management shall be superseded by the current DA nomenclature. All references to a previous PPD Chief shall be superseded by the current PPD Chief, Crandall Watson. .