June 15, 2005







Document Numbering System and Federal Procurement

Data System – Next Generation (FPDS-NG) Reporting


INTRODUCTION:  The purpose of this Agriculture Acquisition Regulation (AGAR) Advisory is to modify the document numbering system established by AGAR Advisory No. 57, which is cancelled and superseded by this Advisory.


SUMMARY:  In fiscal year (FY) 2004, USDA implemented a new document numbering system designed to be compliant with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and system requirements of FPDS-NG, the Integrated Acquisition System (IAS) and the Foundation Financial Information System (FFIS).  Until IAS is fully implemented in USDA, and all contracts issued under the prior document numbering system have expired, USDA will utilize 2 numbering systems, with an interim system for reporting pre-IAS contract actions into FPDS-NG.  This Advisory modifies the new document numbering system to add 2 additional procurement instrument types, which are available for use in IAS only on an agency-by-agency basis.  These 2 additional procurement instrument types are being made available to facilitate identification of those funded contract vehicles, which were awarded prior to IAS, but which must be “re-created” in IAS, and against which funds must be obligated after they are “re-created” in IAS.




A.    Document Numbering System – Pre-IAS Implementation:


1.      The pre-IAS document numbering format for purchase/delivery orders and contracts is:


                  Transaction code                                                   -           2 characters

                  Contracting/ordering office code                         -           4 characters

                  Fiscal year                                                             -           1 character

                  Control number                                                     -           1 to 5 characters


                                          XX   -   XXXX   -   X   -   XXXX



                  Transaction      Contracting/Ordering        Fiscal            Sequential

                  Code               Office Code                      Year             Control Number            


            Example:  43-3142-3-0005

2.      The document numbering format above was based on the requirements of National Finance Center (NFC) Procedures Manual, Purchase Orders, Title II, Section 5.1.


B.     Interim Document Numbering for FPDS-NG Reporting:


1.      The following contract numbering procedure applies to agencies and/or contracting offices not using IAS.  (This contract numbering and reporting procedure became effective October 1, 2003.)


2.      Each agency/contracting office will continue to utilize the document numbering system set out in paragraph A, above, until that agency/contracting office has implemented IAS.  (As IAS is implemented, each agency/contracting office will, in accordance with their individual implementation schedules, begin using the new USDA document numbering system.)


3.      To comply with FAR Subpart 4.6 and FPDS-NG reporting requirements, when agencies/contracting offices not utilizing IAS enter a contract action report into FPDS-NG, the procurement instrument identifier (PIID) to be used is the pre-IAS document number preceded by 6 characters:  AG (to designate USDA) and the contracting/ordering office code (the same as the contracting/ordering office code in the existing document number).


                     AG    -    XXXX    -    XX    -    XXXX    -    X    -    XXXX



                  USDA Agency                 Transaction                       Fiscal

                  Prefix                              Code                                  Year


                           Contracting/Ordering         Contracting/Ordering                 Sequential

                           Office Code                      Office Code                              Number


4.      There will be no change in the document number in FFIS, PRCH or on the actual procurement document (contract, purchase order, delivery order, etc.).  The change will only be for the purpose of reporting contract actions into FPDS-NG.


If the document number in FFIS, PRCH, and on the procurement document is 43-3142-3-0005, for the purpose of FPDS-NG reporting the PIID to be input into FPDS-NG is:  AG-3142-43-3142-3-0005.


5.      FFIS and PRCH cannot support a change to the new numbering scheme, because of field length limitations in FFIS and PRCH.  FPDS-NG requires a numbering scheme starting with a Federal agency prefix (in the case of USDA this is AG), followed by a contracting office designator (contracting/ordering office code).

C.  New Document Numbering System – for use in IAS:


  1. The new USDA document numbering system is 13 characters.


AG  (the USDA Agency Prefix)                                -           2 characters

Contracting/ordering office code                               -           4 characters

Procurement instrument type                                      -           1 character

Fiscal year                                                                   -           2 characters

Sequential number                                                      -           4 characters


                 AG    -    XXXX    -    X    -    XX    -    XXXX




     USDA           Contracting/       Procurement       Fiscal      Sequential

     Agency          Ordering             Instrument          Year       Number

     Prefix            Office Code       Type         


            Example:  AG-3142-C-03-0005


  1. IAS accommodates the 13 characters.  Since FFIS is limited to a field length of 11 characters, the document number in FFIS will not include the Agency prefix “AG.”


  1. The implementation date for the new document numbering system is the date of IAS implementation or October 1, 2003, whichever is later.


  1. As the new numbering system complies with the requirements of FPDS-NG, no additions or changes to the document number will be required for purposes of FPDS-NG reporting.


  1. The “Procurement Instrument Types” in IAS are:






Purchase Order


Contract (also BOA and BA)


Delivery/Task Order


BPA Setup


BPA Calls


Transition Contracts


(See subparagraph 6 below)

Transition Delivery/Task Order


(See Subparagraph 6 below)

  1. Procurement instrument types “T” and “V” are for use when contracts or delivery/task orders, awarded prior to IAS implementation, are “re-created” in IAS.  These “transition” procurement instrument types may be used in the following circumstance:


·         The contract was awarded prior to IAS;

·         The funding is on the contract itself (i.e., it is not an ordering contract against which funded orders are issued); and

·         When the contracting office implements IAS, the contract must be set-up in IAS, as it is still an active contract against which funded modifications will need to be issued.  (E.g., a janitorial services contract, with funding on the contract itself, with options for additional performance periods that will be exercised after the contract is “re-created” in IAS.)


      When a pre-IAS contract is “re-created” in IAS, it is assigned a new document number.  For such “re-created” contracts, meeting the conditions above, the procurement instrument type “T” is to be used.  (“T” actions are those which would have been type “C” contracts if they had been new contract actions, as opposed to “re-created” actions.)  Use of procurement instrument type “T” identifies that this contract is not a new contract, but a “re-created” contract.  This procurement instrument type is being made available to maintain contract history and facilitate tracking of such contracts.


      For a delivery/task order, that must be “re-created” in IAS, and which meets the above conditions, the transition procurement instrument type “V” is to be used.  (The procurement instrument type “V” actions are those which would have been type “D” delivery/task orders if they had been new actions.)


      IAS must be manually configured to include “transition” procurement instrument types “T” and  V.”  Therefore, these “transition” procurement instrument types will only be available to agencies that request this feature as part of their IAS implementation.


            Note:  IAS includes functionality to “reconstruct” contracts awarded prior to IAS implementation.  The situations under which contracts are “reconstructed” in IAS are different from those which apply to contracts “re-created” in IAS.  The “reconstruct” functionality allows for pre-IAS contracts to be established in IAS, to create a history document.  However, modifications with funding cannot be issued against these “reconstructed” contracts.  Contracts, under which delivery/task orders are to be issued (i.e., funds are obligated at the delivery/task order level, not on the contract document, itself), would be the types of contracts for which the “reconstruct” functionality is appropriate.

  1. IAS numbers modifications sequentially.


A modification of the document number cited in paragraph C.1, above, would be:  AG-3142-C-03-0005-001.


8.      Additional information on IAS is available at https://ias.usda.gov/.


Questions regarding IAS, including configuration of IAS to allow use of the transitional procurement instrument types, may be directed to Tracy Blackburn, Procurement Systems Division, 202-720-7415, email: tracy.blackburn@usda.gov.


If you have questions regarding this advisory, please contact Todd Repass, Chief, PPD via email at Todd.Repass@da.usda.gov or by phone at (202) 690-1060; or send an email to procurement.policy@da.usda.gov. This advisory is available on the USDA homepage at http://www.usda.gov/procurement/policy/advisories.html.


EXPIRATION DATE:  Effective until canceled.