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BioPreferred (SM)

Biobased Items

USDA is in the process of collecting product information to support designation of biobased items through proposal and adoption of subsequent regulations. Only when items have been designated through this regulatory process, do products that fall within a given item qualify for preferred procurement by federal agencies.

If you are a biobased product manufacturer or distributor and would like to submit your product information to USDA to assist in the designation process please visit the Online Catalog. For more information, visit the Product Submission page at the Federal BiopreferredSM website or follow the links below.

Officially Designated Biobased Items

Round 1 - Final Rule Published in the Federal Register
Mar 16, 2006 (PDF, 191 KB)

Biobased Item Designations in Process

On August 17, 2006, USDA published two proposed rules in the Federal Register to designate 20 new biobased items. The new items listed in Rounds 2 and 3 include:

  • adhesive and mastic removers,
  • insulating foam for wall construction,
  • hand cleaners and sanitizers,
  • composite panels,
  • fluid-filled transformers,
  • biodegradable containers,
  • fertilizers,
  • metalworking fluids,
  • sorbents,
  • graffiti and grease removers,
  • two-cycle engine oils,
  • lip care products,
  • biodegradable films,
  • stationary equipment hydraulic fluids,
  • biodegradable cutlery,
  • glass cleaners,
  • greases,
  • dust suppressants,
  • carpets, and
  • carpet and upholstery cleaners.

Last Modified: 08/26/2011
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